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Tim McGillicuddy

Tim McGillicuddy

Tim McGillicuddy is a poet, playwright and performer- devotee of the spoken word, from New York City.
While swinging a hammer by day and raising a family by night, for many years he wrote poems, play dialogue, and parts of novels on yellow pads, 2x4's and bar napkins.  Now working fulltime at his métier, his completed works include ten books of poetry, and five plays, with many still on the assembly line.
He is a graduate of Regis High School.  He studied literature and theatre at St. Michael's College in Vermont, sneaking in an Autumn at King’s college London. He attended the Chautauqua acting conservatory, then moved to Paris where he studied History at the Sorbonne and spent two years reading great works. He also directed three plays and steeped himself in the arts and all things Parisian.
Back in New York he studied voice for the stage with Robert Neff Williams. He built sets at Julliard and MTC. Over the years he has worked in the theatre in many capacities while collaborating on the adaptation of fairy tales, popular and religious stories and original works.



His dark comedy The Irish Play was produced at the Irish Arts Center in New York by Theodore Mann and Holly Villaire, and has since gone on to productions in Burlington, Vermont, Galway and Dublin, Ireland.  


His fairy tale for children The Sparrow With a Clipped Wing was performed in Vermont and at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York and awaits a newer production by people unafraid of messy myths.  


His newest play Herself, a dark tale about gossip and retribution in a late 90's small town, will be the feature at this year’s Sean O’Casey festival in Dublin, the Lord and coronavirus allowing.  


His broad modern farce The Problem with English (also translated into French) has received praise and accolades through many staged readings and is stage-ready.  

White Christmas, tackling addiction and greed in America, has had multiple staged readings- small cast, if you’re looking.  


Irenaeus Rex is an epic based on the life of Saint Irenaeus and the work of Elaine Pagels.

A Poet, you say?

A poet, you say?

He has eleven books of poetry...

Five Seven Five

Half Our Trouble 
Pike’s Peak or Bust 
Like Minds 
By the Salt, Salt Sea 
Why Politics Matters 
Indomitable Journey 
A Music Box 
In the Soil’s Reach 
Saratoga Here I Come
Tomorrow Never Comes



All published and available at Northshire Bookstore...
Why not that behemoth purveyor of online books, youmightask?  Tim prefers local food and local air, even local problems.  In fact he believes most all problems are local, as are the solutions.  And bookstores are part of the solution.  Anyhow he thinks that a bookstore should be more than a repository of books.


In the Soil's Reach


Individual conscience and environmental activism are the backbones of the hard hitting work. Anyone who is rooting for Man and the Earth will love these poems.

Front Cover With Text 23_01_2021.jpg

Five Seven Five


Salmon Full Front.jpg

Indomitable Journey


Tim proposes that if you’ve forgotten your love of Nature, go to Alaska to watch the salmon run. If that doesn’t work—don’t come back.


Call Out the Muse

Call Out the Muse

He performs poetry to the rhythms of Irish traditional music and Jazz as part of his Call Out the Muse series- with Lindsey Horner, Una Clancy and Patti Cooper.  


These sessions feature his own poetry, traditional song and music pulled from God-knows-where, with smatterings of other legendary, unknown and infamous songsters and singers. He thinks you can’t beat a room full of like-minded people with poetry and good tunes present. 
Venues include The Sheen Center, Ryan's Daughter upstairs, Characters' Backroom NYC, The School House Theatre in Westchester, Poet's House, Dublin and The Black Gate, Galway.


A little more


He has a half tell all/half personal narrative manuscript- Gimme Shelter- from his thirty years in New York City residential construction.  


He has performed internationally and gets enormous help and support in all of his writing from his wife of many moons, Una Clancy.

A Little More

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